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FoodCare® FCATP

FoodCare® FCATP


  • meat-selection
  • sausages
  • meat-burger-preparation
  • minced-meat
  • fish
Product code: NBNP20ATP025


FoodCare® FCATP (the “all in one” Antioxidant/­Chelator, Carrier, Emulsifier system) is off-white to buff, crystalline powder with a slight odour. It consists of a synergistic blend of Ascorbyl Palmitate d-a-Tocopherol and Citric Acid on a Dextrose base. All intermediates are European Union, FDA Food approved, GRAS status and label friendly.


  • Delays lipid oxidation = longer shelf life.
  • Inactivation of metal ions which catalyse the initiation of oxidation processes
  • Makes antioxidant distribution uniform facilitating easier incorporation in liquids pastes or powders

Potential Benefits:

  • Consumer friendly alternative to traditional antioxidants (BHA – and BHT based antioxidants)
  • Improvement of food products by retarding lipid oxidation.
  • Synergistic effect with Ascorbyl Palmitate and d-a– Tocopherol particularly when used in fats and processed foods.
  • Longer shelf life of oils, fats and processed products
  • Consistent product quality from batch to batch by minimising variation in taste, odour, colour and texture with no loss in nutritional value.

Main Application Areas:

  • Meat products (fish, beef, pork and poultry – sausages and burgers)
  • Meat Snacks

Usage Levels:

The exact usage dosage cannot be stated in general since it depends upon the application in question.  We generally suggest a concentration of 200ppm.


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