FoodCare Technologies sprl | Formulate, Manufacture and Market Natural Protective Processing Aids Extend the Shelf Life whilst maintaining the Organoleptic and Sensory properties of fresh cut fruit and vegetables.

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General information

FoodCare Technologies is a Belgium registered business located in Brussels, Belgium which specialises in the design and formulation of Processing Aids to extend Shelf Life and  provide microbilogical protection.

The Processing Aids delay:

  • Enzymatic Browning as in processed fruit, root vegetable and leafy salad preparations,
  • "After Cooking Darkening" as in blanched French Fries, cubed and mashed potatoes
  • "White Blush" and dehydration in processed carrots snacks

Protect against Micro-organism (Ecoli, Salmonella, Listeria, Yeast and Mould) propogation in:

  • Processed fruit, root vegetable and leafy salad preparations
  • Fruit and Vegetable Beverages
  • Lettuce Salads
  • Sauces, Mayonnaise, Salad dips and dressings