FoodCare Technologies sprl | Formulate, Manufacture and Market Natural Protective Processing Aids Extend the Shelf Life whilst maintaining the Organoleptic and Sensory properties of fresh cut fruit and vegetables.

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Company today

FoodCare Technologies incorporates a truly holistic approach designed to increase the effectiveness and profitability of production processes using systems that are extremely safe and environmentally benign formulations.

FoodCare Technologies can offer systems applicable across the logistical business operations from production, processing, storage and end-user. This includes the care and protection of peripheral equipment as well.

Mission Statement

FoodCare Technologies mission is to ensure:

  • Consumer Satisfaction and Confidence that the natural food products they purchase under the Registered Brand FoodCare®  are Safe and of Outstanding Quality.
  • Food manufacturers and processors can satisfy consumer criteria for safety, confidence and outstanding quality by using FoodCare Technologies, Technology.
  • Continued development and Supply of Environmentally Safe Anti Oxidants, Anti Browning Agents, Preservative and Environmental Hygiene Products to the Food Industry.