FoodCare Technologies sprl | Formulate, Manufacture and Market Natural Protective Processing Aids Extend the Shelf Life whilst maintaining the Organoleptic and Sensory properties of fresh cut fruit and vegetables.

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Fries and Chips / Crisps

FoodCare® FCAV: An Anti-"After Cooking Darkening" Processing Aid for Par Fried -  French Fries, Potato Wedges, potato chips, potato crisps and Hash Browns and designed to protect against Gram+ and Gram- bateria, yeast and mold contamination.

All the ingredients we use are European Union and FDA approved, Gras status, label friendly, protecting the original taste, colour and texture of your food products.

FoodCare® FCAV minimises the accumulation of Acrylamide build-up which occurs during roasting, par-frying and baking applications at temperatures 200˚C


FoodCare® FCAV is a white fine granular powder.