FoodCare Technologies sprl | Formulate, Manufacture and Market Natural Protective Processing Aids Extend the Shelf Life whilst maintaining the Organoleptic and Sensory properties of fresh cut fruit and vegetables.

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FoodCare® FCAV is a white fine granular powder.A blend of European Union and FDA Food Approved, GRAS status, label friendly acidulants which are synergistically blended to delay enzymic browning and “After Cooking Darkening” in fresh, peeled,whole, cubed, mashed potatoes, french fries and potato wedges enabling a longer shelf life without affecting the organoleptic and sensory properties with no loss of nutritional value.

Potential Benefits:

FoodCare® FCAV is a patented and innovative Anti – (Browning and After Cooking Darkening) Processing Aid which:

  • Extends the shelf life without affecting the organoleptic and sensory properties and with no loss of nutritional value.
  • Has been independently tested and validated within the market.
  • It is designed to replace the more hazardous agents - acid pyrophosphates (used in blanching) and metabisulphite/­SO2 (used as an Anti-browning agent).
  • Safe and simple to handle - no fumes liberated and no bad odour facilitating a safer and healthier work environment.
  • Minimal if any capital equipment expenditure required.
  • Does not contain synthetic biocides or antibiotics.
  • Non-mutagenic.
  • Non lachrymatory
  • Biodegradable
  • Anti-microbial
  • Very soluble in water
  • Concentration measured by conductivity monitoring providing consistent quality from batch to batch improving efficiency and cost effectiveness.


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